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12-6-16  I am experiencing issues with video playback and availability with this website.  While I sort out a fix, I encourage you to visit my VIMEO page for high quality versions of my reels, including my latest reel which showcases my recent works in the Broadcast Space.


I set up this site as a means to showcase my work as a 3D Designer and Motion Graphics Artist. My animations and reels can be found by clicking the 'Animations' link at the top of the page. I will be adding new content as often as I can, so feel free to come back often.

I thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like what you see.

- Will

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For an overview of my work experience, please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn.
My name is Will Frazier. I have been a 3D Artist, Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor, and Audio Recordist for more than decade (where does the time go?).
I am posting these works to show in part where I've been, and as a demonstration of my transferable skills. However, where I've been is less important than where I'd like to go. Ideally, I would like to be a part of an amazing team of people who bring varied expertise to the table, yet share one common goal - to put forth engaging, inspiring, and amazing content. I want not to be the 'big fish' as it were, rather I want to be pushed to new levels of excellence by those around me. I want the people I work with to be able to learn and benefit from my presence, while also teaching me new things and expanding my horizons. Without growth, life ceases to be a journey.

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Tony Centron(non-registered)
You've always been one talented dude with drive and determination. I can't say that I am surprised at how awesome your work is but I can say that you have surpassed my expectations.
Steven Elowe(non-registered)
You are the best I've ever seen at this...genious!!!!
Paul Roper(non-registered)
Some fantastic work here! Those models are so beautifully modelled and lit.

Very nice.
Paul Everett(non-registered)
Great stuff Will.
Keep it up.
Todd Howard(non-registered)
Hey Will - nice looking site, and of course the images of your 3D models are stellar. Keep up the great work!
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